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"Variations on A Feather I - prints and products at Society 6

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Tbh the worst part of this website is queue puns

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yes I know I am a piece of shit

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My life is very, very boring and normal and the work I do isn’t. I admit that in regards to the work I’m allowed to do things that are extreme and kind of fun and exhilarating. I go and get food and I feed myself and then I go home and I sleep and then I go out and get food and I sleep. It’s very weird being on the other side of it. And of course when you think you feel like you can’t move there is a sense of being wrapped in cellophane. That’s why maybe being on stage every night is so liberating because you get to express yourself in a very honest way whereas you don’t feel you get to do that so much in your life. I haven’t felt that so much. I think as long as you keep humanising then I think that puts you in good status and you just stop making faces and trying to look attractive for every single photo like is taken of you and you’re ruined after that. That’s a dangerous thing because then you become something else and you lose a sense of the fact that you’re a human being with flaws and they will be seen.

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I have a brilliant beyond brilliant idea!

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"Variations on a Lotus I - Sparkle Brightly" by totalbabycakes in my Society 6 Shop

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